Meet Marte Skogstad, intern in K2 Project Forwarding.

Marte is 2nd year student at Molde University College, Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Internship is a part of the programme in 4th semester with the purposefor the students to gain relevant work experience. In addition to workexperience, the students must write a paper about a relevant topic during theinternship.


– I will write about “Green future solutions for the ship industry”, andI have got great input by discussing this with CEO Leif Arne Strømmen and BusinessDevelopment Manager Vegard Hordnes, says Marte. She enjoys being part of anexperienced team. – All of them give me the necessary support in my learning,and I have felt very welcome.  So far I havelearned a lot about the systems that we use, and about different greensolutions for the shipping industry. I definitely want a career within shippingand forwarding after my studies.


K2 Project Forwarding offer internships as part of the company’s HRstrategy. Leif Arne Strømmen has a strong belief in giving students anopportunity to get relevant work experience and in the long term maybe returnto K2 Project Forwarding as future colleagues.


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