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Project: Transformer from Korea to Røldal in Norway.

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Peak Group and deugro group Form K2 Project Forwarding AS
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Are you our new Project Freight Forwarder?
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K2 Project Forwarding ISO certified

K2 Project Forwarding's management systems were ISO-certified this week.
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Sustainability in K2 Project Forwarding

K2 Project Forwarding aims to maintain responsible, ethical and healthy commercial activities. This includes strict requirements on us, our impact on the environment and what is expected from the society.

We continuously work for sustainable solutions for our operations, not only based on legal requirements, but also based on our ambitions to support UN’s sustainability development goals.

We have communicated throughout the organization our ambitions, what initiatives that is taken and the status of these.

Some examples:

  • Participation in various branch initiatives for green ship and transport solutions.
  • Within the existing selection of transport solutions available we consider method selection, planning and consolidation effects for reducing GHG emissions.
  • Carbon footprint offset program.
  • Supplier follow up with regards to sustainability requirements.
  • Biofuel for selected pre identified tradelines / routes.
  • Carbon Footprint reporting system.

K2 Project Forwarding is your partner in sustainable logistics!

Peak Group Sustainability Report 2020