Please welcome Ellen K. Nygård and Alexander Krause!

Both started in K2 Project Forwarding April 1. Alexander Krause is Airfreight Manager and is working from K2’s officein Tananger. He has worked with airfreight since 2018, but with logistics in generalsince he started his career back in 2012. Alexander also has experience fromworking in the Middle East.

- I decided to join K2 because I wanted to be part of a journeyestablishing a new company, and I have great faith that we can create a very interestingplayer in the Norwegian project- and energy logistics market, says Alexander.He also adds that it has been extremely exciting and very educational startingin K2, especially considering the extensive competence which is found"in-house" in various segments within logistics and shipping.

Project Manager Ellen K. Nygård has a long careerwithin logistics and works at K2’s office in Bergen. She has a long and broadexperience serving major oil & gas companies as a logistics provider, andalso has long experience as project manager for various development projects inNorway.

- I found the plans to establish K2 as a newindependent project freight forwarder in the Norwegian market as very exciting,and I sincerely enjoy being involved in building up a new company, togetherwith colleagues with extensive project logistics experience, says Ellen.

What has been noticeable the first few weeks, is the strong customerfocus which prevails throughout the organization, both says. It is extremelyinspiring and developing, and something we really appreciate, and we are surethat our customers will do the same.

We are so glad that you joined us!

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