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Project: Transformer from Korea to Røldal in Norway.

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Peak Group and deugro group Form K2 Project Forwarding AS
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Are you our new Project Freight Forwarder?
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K2 Project Forwarding ISO certified

K2 Project Forwarding's management systems were ISO-certified this week.
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Quality Policy

Our values:

Accuracy, Honesty, Punctuality and Reliability

Our Quality Policy:

K2 Project Forwarding focuses on customers. We will give our customers «added value» through good, efficient solutions and unique knowledge about the industry.

Continuous improvement is a persistent goal, focusing on deliverability, good systems, and operational control.

We shall satisfy the requirements of standards, laws and regulations, and shall have good routines for achieving this.

Our employees should be characterized by being knowledgeable, being solution-oriented and innovative.

Our activities are to be managed as processes, to achieve traceability, reproducibility and a standardized working method.

K2 Project Forwarding management systems is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

Bergen, 06.04.2021

Leif Arne Strømmen


K2 Project Forwarding AS