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Project: Transformer from Korea to Røldal in Norway.

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Peak Group and deugro group Form K2 Project Forwarding AS
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Are you our new Project Freight Forwarder?
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K2 Project Forwarding ISO certified

K2 Project Forwarding's management systems were ISO-certified this week.
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Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

The management and staff of K2 Project Forwarding are obliged to comply with the following policy, and will carry out their duties accordingly.

These are our main principles:

  • S – Safety first
  • A – Avoid accident & identify hazards
  • F – Follow International Rules & regulations with respect to safe working and living conditions
  • E – Environmental protection and care for nature and marine surroundings

In order to achieve these principles and to maintain our offices, our ships and its equipment in compliance with applicable rules and regulations, K2 Project Forwarding will:

  • Provide the necessary resources
  • Provide qualified personnel
  • Identify the risk and responsibilities in specific tasks and coordinate all these tasks as required.

K2 Project Forwarding with all ships and offices, will follow mandatory rules and regulations, applicable codes, guidelines and standards recommended by the IMO, administrations, classification societies and maritime industry organizations. Zero harm to personnel and to the environment is our main focus.

K2 Project Forwarding provides safe working practices in offices and for ship operations, and assesses all identified risks to the ships, personnel and the environment as far as applicable. Appropriate safeguards against all identified risks should be established as well as continuously

improvement of safety management skills of personnel ashore and abroad. We will strive to find solutions improve our environmental performance.

Compliance with this Policy and the Safety Management Systems is mandatory and binding on all ships and shore staff and is the responsibility of everyone in the Company. Customer satisfaction and K2 Project Forarding’s reputation in the marked are directly dependent upon this.

Bergen, 06.04.2021

Leif Arne Strømmen


K2 Project Forwarding