Rikke Gjertsen starts in K2 Project Forwarding

We are excited to welcome Rikke Gjertsen to K2 Project Forwarding as our newest Project Freight Forwarder. Rikke holds a Bachelor's degree in Shipping & Logistics from the University of South-Eastern Norway, and she recently earned her Master's degree in Shipping Management from Alba Graduate Business School in Athens.

- For me, it played a huge role that K2 could offer me the chance to work with a team full of highly experienced professionals. As a recent graduate eager to learn and gain more experience, having access to individuals with years of industry knowledge is invaluable. I look forward to learn more of their tips and tricks as time goes by, says Rikke.

Up to now Rikke has supported in the different projects with preplanning, execution and follow up of the different activities.

- The first month has gone by very fast while catching up and learning the basics, adds Rikke.

Welcome Rikke!

We are so happy to have you with us on our team!

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